Hong Kong financiers say family decision to buy Cambridgeshire new-build all adds up

21 September 2018

A couple from Hong Kong, who have set up their own business in this country, are singing the praises of their new-build home, which was chosen from more than 20 Cambridgeshire properties after a rigorous family selection process.

Bovis Homes Paragon Cambridgeshire
Winner Lee and husband Sunny Yiu at Bovis Homes' Paragon location in Cambridgeshire 
Winner Lee and her husband Sunny Yiu have moved into a Bovis Home at Paragon, in Great Kneighton, near Trumpington, with their two children Abbie and Aiden.

The couple, who have established a photo gift company, saw 25 houses after they decided to live in Cambridgeshire and whittled it down to a handful after consulting their children.

Winner, Sunny, Abbie and Aiden all added their views - and decided that the Bovis Homes five-bedroom Newnham house type was the one, because of its open-plan living and study space, which allows them to work comfortably from home.

Winner said the family preferred new-build over second-hand homes, and the two children loved having their own en suites and also enjoyed the location of the property, near plenty of green space and local schools.

“We were looking at new-builds as we don’t like older properties and we were not disappointed in what Cambridgeshire had to offer,” Winner said. “There are many new-build homes to choose from, but it was Bovis Homes that really impressed us.

“We love the layout and design of our property. There is also a lot of space between the houses and we are facing a duck pond, which is a great view and it feels very private.

“We all sleep in the bedrooms on the top floor, so it’s very easy to look after the children at night and in the winter, we only need to heat one floor.

“We are big fans of the kitchen island too and the kitchen/dining area is very spacious. There is also underfloor heating, which we all appreciate.”

Bovis Homes Paragon Cambridgeshire TrumpingtonAbbie and Aiden both go to schools that are a short bus and bike ride from their home and when they’re not there, they take advantage of the nearby parks and playground. It is the first time the family have lived in a house with a large garden, having lived in an apartment in Hong Kong.

Before starting a family, Winner and Sunny both read Statistics and Operational Research in the Business School of the University of Hertfordshire, before going on to study Master’s degrees in Finance at Lancaster University.

After working in the finance industry for 20 years in Hong Kong, the pair have returned to the UK and set up GlassXpert & Design. They are working from their new home while they search for retail space.

The financiers wanted to be close to London but without having to endure its hectic lifestyle. They visit the capital every two weeks to shop and visit restaurants.

The Newnham has three luxury floors, with three bedrooms, three en suites and a terrace on the top floor; two bedrooms, a family bathroom and another terrace on the first floor; and the kitchen/dining area, cloakroom and a double garage on the ground floor.