Doctor’s referral boosts new-build sales at dream Dorset location

30 November 2018

A doctor who relocated to a new-build home in Dorset was so impressed with its quality and the location, he couldn’t help but tell a colleague.

Bovis Homes Mildenhall Sherborne
Dr Ilan, Inba and Greetha at Bovis Homes' Mildenhall location in Sherborne 
Little did he know his co-worker would end up moving in two doors down as a result!

Dr Subramanyam Ilan, a consultant radiologist at Yeovil District Hospital, moved into a Bovis Home in Sherborne with his wife Greetha, a gynaecologist at the same hospital, and their children Magizhini, 5, and Inba, 2.

After telling his colleague how great the four-bedroom house at Bovis Homes’ Mildenhall location was, Dr Ilan then found out the fellow doctor would be moving in practically next door.

Dr Ilan, a first-time buyer, said: “My colleague was searching for a house too and I recommended he go for something similar to our Bovis Home due to its layout, quality and location. We have just found out that he’s going to live right by us!

“Everything is fantastic with the house. We looked at the online reviews before we had a look around and everything was first rate, particularly the quality. It’s energy-efficient and very comfortable, with automated heating controls, which is so important with two children.

“The open-plan kitchen and dining area is modern and perfect for our lifestyle.”

Mildenhall was also recommended to Dr Ilan by a colleague, and having rented for a while in Yeovil, he realised Bovis Homes’ location was the right spot to move his family.

Mildenhall Sherborne Bovis HomesThey decided to buy the four-bed Canterbury house type immediately after they stepped through the front door. They wanted a minimum of three bedrooms so Magizhini and Imba could each have their own.

They were also won over by the large garden and the location close to the playgroup, which is less than a mile away, plus a variety of amenities only 15 minutes away.

The family have been getting to know the local community well – and have invited their elderly neighbour over on Christmas Day.

Dr Ilan, who speaks four languages, is from South India and met his wife as an undergraduate. He spent six years in Moscow before moving to Yeovil 18 months ago.