Creating thriving communities

We take our social responsibilities very seriously. We create spaces where communities will thrive, support Force's personnel and contribute to the economy and charitable causes.

Charitable giving

Bovis Homes regularly supports charitable fundraising events and local sponsorship opportunities, as well as facilitating staff-led fundraising activities.

Causes supported include schools and school fetes, local sports clubs, hospitals and hospices, roundtables, elderly care, local community initiatives and other local and national charities. These are managed by each regional business to ensure that local causes and charities important to staff are given priority.

Community amenities and spaces

Where possible we seek to incorporate leisure and amenity areas, together with integrating developments into local public transport infrastructure.

Where play spaces are included, we work with specialist play space designers to ensure they are inclusive, fun and encourage healthy lifestyles.

Our larger developments will often include provision of a local school or other building of benefit to the local area.

Defibrillators on developments

All of our sites have defibrillators installed and staff are trained how to use them. These can be called upon by local communities and we have also taken the step to ensure that these defibrillators remain within the local area once our developments have been completed.