Investors and Landlords

A brand-new Bovis Home makes the ideal property investment opportunity

Why do successful buy-to-let investors include new build properties in their portfolio?

Our investment properties offer landlords and investors the chance to buy a brand-new high-quality Bovis Homes in sought-after locations – ready for the rental market without the hassle of refurbishment. You benefit from 2-year warranty support from Bovis Homes and minimal maintenance costs. Tenants welcome low running costs with energy-efficient systems and the chance to live in a brand-new home.

Would a brand-new Bovis home be the ideal fit for your new or growing property portfolio?

  • Do you want to add high-quality homes in sought-after locations to your property portfolio?
  • Are you looking for a reliable, minimal maintenance property for your first buy-to-let investment?
  • Does your company want to invest in properties built to the latest standards with a 10-year NHBC warranty and 2-year guarantee support?
  • Would a brand-new property attract more potential tenants?

Reasons why a brand-new Bovis Home makes an ideal buy-to-let option

  • A brand-new property means no preparation upfront – ready immediately for your tenant.
  • Locations selected for optimal transport links, schools and other local amenities.
  • New build properties designed for modern living appeal to a wider rental market.
  • Choice of property styles with the opportunity to select finishes in some properties.
  • All new appliances and fittings mean minimal maintenance.
  • Lower energy bills for you and your tenants as new homes meet latest energy standards.
  • Peace of mind as a new landlord with a 2-year Bovis Homes warranty.
  • Long-term reassurance with a 10-year NHBC Buildmark warranty.

Show Homes - Sale and Leaseback

In addition to buying a property for the general rental market, our sale and leaseback scheme offers you the chance to buy a Bovis Homes show home and lease it back to Bovis Homes for a set period, available on selected show homes. A guaranteed yield and low risk investment for the lease period then returned as part of your regular property portfolio.

Stamp Duty levels are at higher rates for buy-to-let purchasers. Our online stamp duty calculator can help you estimate the stamp duty required on the property you select.

Stamp Duty calculator

Purchase a Bovis Homes show home and we could lease it back from you for a guaranteed yield over a set period.

Sale and leaseback