Subtle ways to introduce vintage style to a new build home

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Subtle ways to introduce vintage style to a new build home

- 04 Sep 2020

Becoming the owner of a new build home allows you to truly put your own stamp on a blank canvas . When it comes to decorating, incorporating vintage and modern design makes for a home bursting with charm and character, without feeling too kitsch. Here are our tips for bringing vintage style to your new home… Find vintage furniture and antiques for your home! If you know where to look, vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces aren’t too difficult to come by. Car boot sales, charity shops, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, auctions and vintage fairs are just a small sample of where you can find unique furnishings for your home. Subtle ways to introduce vintage style to a new build home Minimise your use of flatpack furniture by keeping an eye out for vintage furniture and antiques. Pieces like a stunning mirror, retro sideboard or glass-fronted cabinet will instantly transform a room, as well as being more environmentally and budget-friendly. We love this quirky, ex-display cabinet in the.home.affair’s living room. It works really well with her modern touches. Extra points if you bring home pieces from different eras – the best way to give your home the warm, lived-in feel without overdoing a design from a specific decade. For an easy way to bring warmth to a hallway or living room, invest in a rug. If you’re buying a piece for your living room, go for design that’s big enough to fit under all the furniture, and ensure it looks as though it has some wear. Subtle ways to introduce vintage style to a new build home There’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to lighting. A vintage lampshade – whether that’s a large brocade style with a loud pattern and tassel trim or an intricate design on velvet with glass beading – can add vintage style to your living room or bedroom. We love the thought of a vintage standing lamp in a cosy corner of your home. Commonplace in many homes (as well as hipster-style cafes and restaurants), industrial style lighting is still proving popular. Just look at mybovishome lights above her upcycled dining table – how cool do they look?! The small details shouldn’t be overlooked when decorating your home Crockery is a simple, and budget-friendly, way to incorporate vintage style into your home. There have been so many popular (and not so popular) designs for tea sets, tableware and cutlery over the years so there’s bound to be something you like the look of it – and it’ll probably come back into fashion at some point! Don’t worry if you can’t find a complete set – a mismatch of items only adds to the vintage aesthetic. Soft furnishings are another inexpensive way to bring a vintage feel into your home. Cushions, bed linen, bed throws, blankets and quilts in a ditsy floral pattern or a colourful, retro print work well when complementing modern upholstery. Subtle ways to introduce vintage style to a new build home Swapping your door handles to something more classic is also a simple way to subtly bring character to your home. Paintings and prints, especially inside vintage frames, are the perfect way to add personality to a room. Clean white walls can be instantly transformed with your favourite works of art and, again, a mix of pieces from different periods can prevent your home looking too themed.


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