Land Acquisition

If you think your land might have potential for development, our Land Acquisition team are the people you should speak to.

The land team has a wealth of experience in securing sites for new homes, and will work closely with you to understand your aspirations, and explore the options for turning your land into a thriving new community.
With our in-house capability, we are able to promote land on short, medium and longer terms as necessary to maximise the chances of success. As you are dealing directly with the organisation who will build the homes and supporting infrastructure, there is no middle man, ensuring best value to you.
We can structure a purchase agreement that gives you comfort and surety up front about how the value of your land will be calculated.
With a direct line into the key decision makers in the business, you could have a deal agreed and a plan of action put into motion quicker than you might think.

Planning and Promotion

Your land will be guided through the planning process by our in-house team of chartered planners with expertise in strategic development.

We will identify the best strategy for promoting the site for residential allocation in the local authority’s Development Plan, including the right time to submit a planning application.
The team will utilise its network of professional consultants to carry out necessary technical surveys to determine the opportunities and constraints of your land to ensure the value of your land is maximised.
Our in-house capability means we have communication and design teams to help consult with the community,local authorities and other stakeholders such as the media, via a variety of channels including events and websites. This informs the planning promotion process and aims to provide development that meets local needs.

Development Delivery

Throughout the process, our Development Delivery team will be considering and assessing viability and costs to ensure the final plans maximise the development potential in your land to return the best possible value.

Our Development Delivery team comprises chartered engineers and surveyors. They understand what infrastructure will be required for each site and oversee the design of roads, drainage and utilities to ensure the most efficient use of your land.
The team negotiates s106 agreements to maximise value by challenging Authorities on the development obligations and associated costs.
Once your site has planning approval, Development Delivery will complete the purchase of your land, and work to ensure a smooth handover to the appropriate regional team so that construction and sale of the new homes can begin.
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