What goes into a Bovis Home? Much more than just bricks and mortar.

There’s the pride, skill, commitment and passion of everyone involved in putting your new home together - and looking after you after you’ve moved in.

And then, yes, there’s bricks and mortar.

In fact, 14,828 bricks when it comes to the Birch show home from our new housing collection – along with another 3,889 for the double garage.

Then there’s the 225sq metres of celcon block, 28 sheets of ply, 1,096 metres of soft wood, 32.78sq metres of glazing, 38 metres of steel, 19 metres of MDF, 15 litres of flooring glue and much, much more!

You can see all of this coming together as a dream home in this great time lapse from our Stadhampton location in Oxfordshire called Hampton Meadow.

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