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Image for Choosing the perfect flowers and indoor plants for your new home

Plants and flowers don't just help bring a room to life, they can also brighten your mood. Research shows that having just one indoor plant in a room can remove up to 87% of toxins in the air.

There are many benefits to ensuring you have clean oxygenated air in your home, in fact it's also proven to help improve productivity and alertness, so whether you work from home or work out at home, this can offer a serious advantage.

If you fancy adding a touch of floral décor to your new home, here are our flower and indoor plant ideas to suit every home and lifestyle, from low maintenance plants for those who are always on-the-go to sweet smelling bouquets for open plan living spaces.


Image for How to make the most of your spare room

When you're looking around your new home for the first time, the possibilities seem endless when it comes to the spare room, and the extra space suddenly feels like something that you and your family can't live without. But all too often, the spare room becomes neglected and is merely used for storage, or turned into a functional, but bland, office space or spare bedroom.

It's easier than you think to transform a spare room into an exciting space that will benefit the whole family, and it doesn't need to cost the earth. We've put together some exciting options to suit a variety of lifestyles, families and homes, and included top tips for choosing lighting, colour schemes and furnishings to help you maximise the potential of your extra space.

... more

Image for Make your new house a home this Christmas

Hosting your first Christmas in your new home is a wonderful way to create some special, lifelong memories with loved ones. Whether you've been in your new Bovis Home for several months or a matter of weeks, taking the time to deck the halls and making your house feel festive will certainly get the family into the Christmas spirit.

If you're considering organising a festive drinks party for your new neighbours or if you're planning to host this year's Christmas Day celebration for friends and family, here are some of our favourite homemade Christmas décor ideas designed to help you celebrate in style.

Create a rustic winter wonderland

Pine cones, holly and mistletoe offer an inexpensive way to get creative and provide some timeless, natural déco... more

Image for Choosing the right colour palette for your home

If you are looking to add your own stamp to your new home, one of the first questions you might ask is how to pick the right colours.

Different colours can create different moods and may alter our perceptions of a room and the surrounding area. 

Planning is key says Louise Turley, Interior Designer f... more

Image for Children's bedroom ideas and inspiration

Decorating a children's bedroom, whether a nursery or a child's sanctuary, means you can be bold and exciting with themes, colours and furniture.

The thrill of giving your child their dream bedroom in your new home can add to the pleasure of the move and will help make the whole experience more exciting and magical for your little ones.

Designing your child's bedroom is an exciting project, and needn't be an expensive project. We've pulled together some ideas that will help in... more

Image for Crafty Home Storage Tips and Ideas from Bovis Homes

When it comes to organising your new home it's the little details that matter. So whether you have an artistic or resourceful streak or you just want to seek inspiration to better organise your home, these ideas should help kick-start the creativity in you.

If you want to add colour and maximise space in the bedroom, there are plenty of quirky storage ideas you can try to help transform clutter into a centrepiece. Hangers prove extremely versatile for all types of belongings; add small screws to hook necklaces on, or create a DIY scarf hanger using shower curtain rings. This works with baseball caps too.

Vintage tea cups and saucers, or painted cheese graters can make unusual earring displays, while small 'distressed' muffin tins can be used for storing items such as broaches, rings and bracelets.  And while ladders might be more widely used outside, they can also be painted or treated and placed horizontally to hang any extra clo... more

Image for Personalise your kitchen in your brand new Bovis Home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It's a space for cooking, socialising or even quiet contemplation. So you need it to be a room that's practical while reflecting your personal tastes and lifestyle.

That's why at Bovis Homes kitchens are designed to make the most of the space, while leaving you with some fun choices to make to personalise the room - and it's all included in the price.

Bovis Homes have teamed up with Moores and Symphony, two top kitchen design companies, to offer you a comprehensive choice of classic and contemporary styles. What finish would you like on your kitchen cabinets? Warm woods such as modern oak or walnut, a cream finish in classic shaker style, a modern metallic look in three different colours or sleek gloss with integrated handles to create a coo... more

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